Tintern Church of Christ

About Us

The mission of the Tintern Church of Christ is to develop followers of Jesus together for the benefit of the world. Everything we do is oriented to accomplish that task through the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Our vision for our church family is to accomplish this mission by being a people of peace to the Town of Lincoln.

What to Expect

Our weekly worship services begin Sunday morning at 9:45am.  They are dress casual and in the acapella style (without instrumental accompaniment).  Our church history comes from the Stone-Campbell Movement, click for additional reading material.  After worship we get caught up on each other's lives during a time of fellowship and refreshment.  After that there are Bible classes for all ages. Fellowship Groups (small groups of about 40-60) meet for potluck lunch on 2nd and 4th Sundays throughout the year. On 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings we have an additional Sunday devotional at 6:00pm.  You are welcome to visit any time.

What We Believe

We believe that this world was created by a loving God and it has since fallen into sin and rebellion. We each participate in this rebellion but through repentance and a saving faith in God's son Jesus we can all be set free from our bondage to sin and death. We are baptized into a church family that seeks to become an authentic community of disciples of Jesus and we would love to help you in that pursuit as well. We believe that the Bible is authoritative and is God's word to us through the testimony of the Holy Spirit.

If you have any questions or any way which we can serve you please ask.

Noel Walker - Aaron Maleare