Small Groups

Fellowship Groups
Fellowship groups offer a chance for people to get to know new friends at Tintern in a comfortable, low-stress environment. Everyone at Tintern is part of one of the three fellowship groups, each of which are about 60 people. They are large enough that you won't feel awkward, but small enough that you can get to know people over time and develop relationships. Each fellowship group hosts a pot-luck lunch every month (see our event calendar). If you visit us on a second or fourth Sunday you are welcome to stay for lunch and get to know the group that is meeting that particular Sunday. Fellowship groups help develop a sense of belonging and are another way we learn to practice hospitality with each other. For more information on Fellowship groups contact us

Discipleship Groups
At Tintern we believe in deep spiritual relationships, discipleship, and forming a community in Jesus Christ.  Our Sunday morning gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for fellowship and community, but we believe God is calling us into something deeper.  That is why we have Discipleship Groups. 

Discipleship groups are usually groups of 6-12 people that meet in homes on a regular basis.  In these groups we share meals, play games, study the Word, spend time in prayer, all while forming deep, personal relationships.  We believe that this is a vital spiritual community for the members at Tintern.  We want to be a people where one does not walk the spiritual journey alone, but where we walk together as a family.  

If you are looking for a more intimate community or are interested in discipleship groups, please contact

Noel Walker or Cindy Whitfield