Taking the command to "make disciples as you go," the missions ministry is the place where we look to for those that practice disciple making outside of our local community.  Tintern in involved supporting the work of people from Detroit to Zambia, Quebec to Papua New Guinea and other places in between.

    The church at Tintern takes seriously the directive to "go and make disciples of all nations."  While we understand this command to be the responsibility of every Christian to make disciples wherever we find ourselves, we recognize the mer
    it and value of those willing to go out into the world and take this message far from home.

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    Around the World

    Roy and Kathi Merritt

    Roy and Kathi serve at the Namwianga Mission in Kalomo, Zambia.  Roy was born and raised in Zambia to missionary parents.  He has worked with the Namwianga Mission since 1968 with no sign of slowing down.  The work there is focused on helping orphans through providing homes, education, and work training.  View Roy's latest update here.

    Joel Osborne

    Joel serves the Mito Church of Christ in Sendai, Japan.  Check the link to the church's website here (a thorough knowledge of Japanese would help as not all of the site is bilingual).  To download Joel's latest newsletter click here.

    Ruth Zimmerman

    Ruth Zimmerman serves her community in Papua New Guinea as an ambassador of God.  Part of her work entails close contact with the Melanesian Bible College.  Check out Ruth's latest newsletter here.

    In North America

    Micah 6 (Dylan Pyeatt)

    Dylan Pyeatt with Micah 6 formerly served the Tintern Church of Christ, but felt God's calling on his life to live in community with those in poverty in Pontiac, Michigan in the US.  Dylan joined a group of brothers and sisters who felt the same call, many of whom Dylan had known during his university days.  

    They currently live in solidarity with their neighbours sharing the good news of God's love in unique and creative ways.  One of the main efforts they are involved with is their community gardens.  The area they live in is classified as a "food desert," so the need for fresh nutritious produce is extremely high.  The Micah 6 community has gardens where they grow fruits and vegetables and sell them at the storefront that they own (Sprout).

    In addition to caring for people's physical needs, they are also sharing God's love through the church they started which meets in the basement of the vegetable store: called "The Underground."  To learn more about the Micah 6 community and their mission, check out their website.  View the current Micah 6 newsletter here. On Sunday February 7, 2021 we met with Dylan & Carrie over Zoom. To watch the video click here.

    Yvon Beaudoin

    Yvon lives and travels in Quebec (between Montreal and Quebec City) ministering to people in home churches and conducting Bible studies with interested parties. You can view his latest report here.